The Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Review

Honda HR-V Specs and Price - The Honda HR-V Selfie edition completely create ripple over market just right after regular of Honda HV-R crossover SUV available in installed by 10 cameras which are positioned over several points inside the vehicle. This car would be personally desired for those consumer target who in base apparently would like in capture for each also every moments that happening inside that car.

The Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Review

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Features

  • Equipped by new air filtration unit that also coupled by air cooler 
  • Equipped by computerized atmosphere control just inside the vehicle 
  • Over dashboard there multiple also wide angle rear view of camera in 5 inch touch screen panel 
  • For such long highway drives, there also cruise mode option 
  • The seat anchor available for infants 
  • For children, the door safety mechanism also installed 
  • The Honda satellite linked navigation system also installed.

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Safety 

For Honda HR-V Selfie edition, not quite in compromise to the passenger's security since they also introducing numerous safety features that becomes of standard of the car :
  • Anti braking system or ABS over whole 4 wheels 
  • Traction control unit system 
  • The emergency braking support 
  • The dual front airbags 
  • Anti rolling system 

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Engine Specs 

The Honda HR-V “selfie” edition will surely comes by 1.8 litre-4 cylinder 16 valve of SOHC i-VTEC engine that definitely could produce properly at 141 hp of 6500 rpm also about 127 lb-ft of torque over 4300 rpm. Just under front row seat, lied the fuel tank there that covered in protective steel casing over 13.2 gal volume. Stated to be about 24 mpg for mileage of urban area.

The Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Review

Over highways, the Honda HR-V Selfie Edition can decreasing in nice of 34 mpg, also introducing the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission that will make this car altogether in speed of 6 speed automatic transmission. The gear shifts could also be managed properly by computing console, for exact well timed shifts in preserving power also the speed.

For Honda HR-V Selfie Edition Price

The price for Honda HR-V Selfie Edition, just over than $20,000, in where Honda selfie edition only targeting for those buyers who really selfie-obsessed drivers. The availability of this car also should be under noticed since it could be under limited edition. Motorider 88