Nissan IDx Review and Price

Nissan IDx Specifications and Price - The Nissan IDx concept is going into creation. The Nissan IDx Nismo has grown become favorite since it was revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show.

Nissan IDx specs 

The Nissan IDx will be heavily based of the idea car and greater differences aren't expected. New model will feature practically the same exterior look, motivated by incredible Datsun 510. When it is about interior, new model will also combine modern and classic components. It will highlight retro styling however it will be also furnished with a lot of modern, hi-tech elements, for example, large touchscreen, Bluetooth network, auto-dimming mirrors, and rear view camera.

Nissan IDx engine 

The Nissan IDx Nismo will be fueled by a 1.6 liter engine which is sufficient for a good family vehicle. The sporty four-cylinder engine will accompany a CVT transmission for a great execution performance on the road. This engine is set to create a stellar 200 horses worth of power. The Freeflow trim is set to have a turbocharged four-barrel engine. This is the most likely specs that the engine will provide. It can be a 1.2 liter or a 1.5 liter engine.

This could be compared to the 1.6 liter engine comes along with CVT transmission in the Nismo can't match up to the car's power. This 2016 Nissan IDx must be the best of all rear-wheel drive cars in the market today. It is small, effective, powerful and extremely fast on the road. You can rest guaranteed that you will never be baffled while using this car while crossing the streets or driving on the high way. It will perform ponders on the road, and exceed all your desires.

Nissan IDx release date and price 

We expect that Nissan IDx will release somewhere in late 2015 or early 2016. Price is still unknown but it is assumed  that base model will go around 23.000 dollars.