Kawasaki Z800 Review and Price

Kawasaki Z800 Review and Price - Kawasaki engineers modified the Z750's steel backbone outline with two bolt on aluminum subframe segments running over the engine that permit the Kawasaki Z800's front engine mounts to be situated behind the cylinders. In conjunction with a mix of inflexible and elastic engine mounts, Kawasaki says this permits the vibration from the inline-four to be detached all the more viably.

Kawasaki Z800 Specs

Kawasaki Z800 Review and Price

The Kawasaki Z800 is fueled by a fluid cooled DOHC 806cc inline-four that is essentially an exhausted out/redesigned form of the old Z750 engine, this model available since 2013 over the pond.

A 2.6mm-bigger bore with 10%lighter cylinders getting their undersides cooled by bigger oil jets, overhauled consumption/exhaust ports, longer admission manifolds, and a staggered intake channel setup alongside 2mm bigger throttle bodies (now 34mm) not just support top torque by a guaranteed 6 hp to a 111 hp peak in European tune, additionally give a noteworthy increment in midrange snort.

Kawasaki Z800 Body Design

Kawasaki Z800 Review and Price

The Kawasaki Z800 has a nice, impartial agile feel in the corners, with little exertion required to flick the bicycle into a corner. Line changes in midcorner are effortlessly proficient with zero show, and the stock Dunlop OEM-spec D214 Sportmax tires give great grasp and genuinely exact controlling attributes.

The standard KYB suspension segments on the Kawasaki surely don't feel like budget parts, addition with the 43mm altered fork and single back stun (spring preload and bounce back damping adjustable also) giving good wheel as well as chassis control notwithstanding when the pace warms up. The flip side for that bent in the corners is a ride that is a little firm for pothole-ridden urban landing area and highway superslab, however it's nothing exceptional.

Kawasaki Z800 Price 

With sticker price $8,399, the Kawasaki Z800 ABS is appear more expensive than the Yamaha non-ABS-equipped FZ-09 with price tag $8,190 or the Suzuki GSX-S750 close to $7,999 for the base model. However, its  worth a look in the middleweight standard class. http://www.mottoriders.com/