Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Engine Review and Price

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Specifications and Price - No more denial, one from most awaited motorcycle of the year to be Bajaj Pulsar RS200 already launched about couple weeks back over interesting ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,18,500/- for such standard version also about Rs.1,30,268/- for ABS version.

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Engine also Performance 

The Bajaj entering uncharted waters by its new 200 cc triple spark mill on the duty of NS, the Pulsars, famed midrange punch of last year, already giving way in to high revving engine by linear power delivery which encountered to build power in all way over its red line. The peak power of 24.1 HP comes over 9750 RPM also 18.6 Nm torque peaks at 8000 RPM for Bajaj Pulsar RS200. On the on going way, will delight do over 80 kmph at 6000 RPM that rising to 100 kmph over 7000 RPM, over 6th gear , the things where it begin in get for such urgent, since its speak up for its way to the red line.

Keeping the engine in above of 7k RPM over any gear, you will be bound in leave most of traffic over your wake, lose revs however also you need to push work on gearbox smartly or even need to have patience just like the dumbledore in get back up to the speed. The mileage for Pulsar RS200 will be remained in more or less same in equal to that over 200 NS, we would got such combined of city also highway average in about 37 kmpl.

For fuel injection that combined in changes of gearing already made RS200 engine rev about in quick moves, and you will be done over 1st gears in compared to immediately, that seemed to feels as weird.

For Handling also Braking

The Pulsar RS200, blessed in single channel of ABS that will lend for such assured feel to the braking duties, the ABS regulates over front wheel only. We already tried best in force for front wheels to lock up over such variety surface conditions and we quite happy in find that ABS doing the job perfectly well.