Honda CB1100 Reviews and Specs

Honda CB1100 Reviews and Specs - Honda CB1100 propelled by such 1140cc air also oil-cooled inline of 4-cylinder engine, in where twisting throttle would not be snappy or such violent, such as many others. For the power delivery equal to Rolls Royce, in smooth also sophisticate but in ferocity that will immediately leaving others at behind.

Honda CB1100 Mileage

Honda CB1100 Reviews and Specs

The Honda CB1100 revs into 10,000 rpm but in times you find yourself short shifting, it would only take to 5,000-6,000 rpm. Will be excellent for gas mileage, but would be only over those upper echelons of tachometer in where for vibrations also point of contact in between of motorcycle and you will bring intensity to send shivers down to spine.

The feeling amplified high up over mountain roads in where twist of throttle coming out in bring you into such whole part of world. Bring for such nostalgic nature from this motorcycle, the concept of having the credentials performance can be laughable. But the Honda CB1100 actually could compete compared to modern sports bikes of 600cc today.

Honda CB1100 Chassis

Honda CB1100 Reviews and Specs

Once learning into tight turns, for Honda CB1100 likely perform in less or without argument or hesitation, even you will surely feel confident once dropping knee further towards asphalt. The deep attention given for Honda details, over this motorcycle quite amazing, for every piece bar cheap chrome plastic tail that lead to feel well of the machine plus very heavy, gleaming the sun over riding it down towards California cost, for the gauge giving elegance appearance which can be found over stream dials by early of 1920s.

The Verdict of Honda CB1100 

The Honda CB1100 quite encountered as time machine, as equal to echoing Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix from its throaty exhaust, kind of throwback, out of time motorcycle, but equipped so by whole precision which delivered into building modern MotoGp superbike. Prior for those who demand for rocker aesthetic, be sure to grab these machines and be sure in riding the adventure into past.