Satria F150 Black Fire Special Edition

Suzuki Satria F150 Black Fire special edition presented for brave souls and want to look extreme and aggressive in a sportive spirit. Type Suzuki Satria F150 Black Fire with dynamic color and aggressive stripping reinforces the view Satria F150 as Hyper Underbone. Satria F150 Black Fire uses a 150cc engine, 4 stroke, DOHC 4 valves, 6-speed, oil-cooled and cylinder SCEM apable of producing Maximum Power 16 Ps/9.500 rpm and Maximum Torque 12.7 kgm / 8500 rpm.

Specifications Suzuki Satria F150 Black Fire Special Edition :
Engine :
Type: 4-Tak, DOHC, oil cooled, SACS, 4-valve, 1 cylinder
Number of Cylinders: 1 (one)
Cylinder diameter: 62 mm
Step Piston: 48.8 mm
Cylinder capacity: 147.3 cc
Compression Ratio: 10.2: 1
Maximum Power: 16 Ps/9.500 rpm
Maximum torque: 12.7 kgm / 8500 rpm
Carburetor: MIKUNI BS 26-187
Air Filter: Paper Type
Starter System: Electric and Feet
Lubrication system: Soaking Oli

Dimension :
Overall length: 1940 mm
Overall Width: 652 mm
Overall Height: 941 mm
As Distance Between Wheels: 1280 mm
Distance Machine to Land: 140 mm
Vehicle Weight: 95 kg
Seat Height: 764 mm

Transmission :
Clutch: Manual plate wet type compound
Transmission: 6 Acceleration
Direction Shift: 1 Down, 5 To the top
Drive Chain: DID 428 DS, 122 eyes

Frame :
Suspension Front: Telescopic, spiral spring, oil bearing
Rear Suspension: Arm swing, spiral spring, oil bearing
Steering angle: 45 ° (Right and Left)
Turn Radius:  2
DepanRem Rear Brakes: Disc / disc
Tire Size Front: 70/90-17 38S
Rear Tire Size: 80/90-17 44S

Electrical systems:
Ignition system: CDI
Spark plug: NGK CR8E / DENSO U24ESR-N
Accu: 12 V (2.5 Ah) / 10 H
Fuel Tank: 4.9 L
With oil filter replacement: 1100 ml
Engine Oil tank: 1000 ml